Written communication with families during the transition from childcare to school : constructing and subjectifying children and families

Article de revue


État de publication: Publiée (2018 )

Nom de la revue: European early childhood educational research Journal

Volume: 26

Numéro: 2

Intervalle de pages: 285-308

Résumé: This article explores how documents play a role in shaping perceptions of children, professionals, and parents during the transition from childcare to kindergarten in Québec. Positioning analysis was used to explore governmentality, documentality, and interobjectivity in the communication agendas and child assessment documents of seven children. Results revealed that communication agendas constructed different images of the ideal child, professional, and parent in childcare and in school. Assessment documents in both settings categorise children as either ‘doing well’ or ‘at-risk’, position professionals as experts, and parents as playing a supportive and often passive role with regard to their children’s education.