Climate crisis, science and education

Article de magazine


État de publication: Publiée (2020 )

Nom du magazine: Bioscience


Résumé: On 5 November 2019, 11,000 scientists wrote a letter to once again alert decision-makers about the collapse of biodiversity and the unprecedented suffering humanity is exposed to if they do not address the climate crisis as soon as possible (Ripple et al. 2020). Briefly said, the world is in danger and a paradigm shift is needed. The current environmental crisis calls for a different view of scientists’ and citizens’ roles and capacities. On one hand, scientists speak out to warn about the risks of political inaction as the letter published in BioScience testifies. Their participation in sociopolitical conversations is necessary, not only to seize the climate emergency, but also to encourage, support and guide political and economic decisions (Green 2018). Besides, researchers are increasingly asked to participate in general media to comment on the political management of problematic situations. Scientists, whether they want it or not, are social and political actors, even agents of social change.