Sensitization training and healthy environments: impacts perceived by the stakeholders

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État de publication: Publiée (2018 )

Titre des actes: Education and New Developments 2018

Éditeur: InScience Press

Lieu: Lisbonne, Portugal

Intervalle de pages: 457-459

ISBN: 978-989-99864-8-0


Résumé: Obesity is a growing problem that is directly related to a sedentary lifestyle and an inadequate diet (WHO, 2014), and influenced by physical, sociocultural, economic and political environments (Hill et al., 2003). To raise awareness of the issue, numerous initiatives in health education whose sensitization sessions were held across Quebec to sensitize stakeholders to ways of facilitating healthy environments to promote an active lifestyle and healthy food choices. Using a qualitative approach, the 2006 model of Kirkpatrick and Kirkpatrick served as a theoretical and methodological guide to the study. The objectives were to 1) explore the knowledge and skills acquired during the sessions and 2) examine the transfer from sessions to concrete actions for fostering environments conducive to healthy lifestyles. Individual interviews were conducted with 52 stakeholders (F=41; M=11). The results reveal, first, that most of the stakeholders consolidated or even improved their knowledge and skills and were better able to recognize the four types of environments in their respective workplaces. They developed a common vocabulary and a better understanding of the relationship between environments and lifestyles. Second, the transfer was more problematic because the concerted actions needed to facilitate healthy environments are complex. These results will be discussed in light of Kirkpatrick and Kirkpatrick’s four-levels pyramid, in which the fourth optimal level - organizational results - presents greater challenges in terms of impacts. The sensitization sessions can be viewed as a societal project encouraging influential stakeholders to develop environments favourable to healthy lifestyles and as a health education initiative.

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