Intégration d’enjeux relatifs au vivant en classe : points de vue d’enseignants et d’enseignantes en biologie au Québec


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2018, 29 décembre
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Recherches en didactique des sciences et des technologies (RDST)
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Science education takes place in a context where biotechnological breakthroughs and the interweaving of models borrowed from computer science, electronic engineering and chemistry pave the way for new possibilities in the study of life and bioengineering. We undertook an exploratory research project aimed at analyzing conceptual, epistemological and pedagogical postures of biology teachers in Québec’s general and vocational colleges. We tried to understand if biology teachers integrate socioscientific issues (SSI) involving the living world in their classrooms and, if so, what are their goals and how do they proceed. We chose a focus group survey format in which we presented two short vignettes staging issues related to biotechnologies to “trigger” discussions amongst six volunteers. We conducted a qualitative content analysis of the focus groups’ transcripts, and our results show that they address some SSI in their classes including those related to agribusiness which are the subjects of an innovative initiative. Their goals, when addressing SSI, are in line with their teaching strategies. They point out difficulties with working in an interdisciplinary way and point out the constraints of prescribed programs as an obstacle to integrating socioscientific issues involving the living world in their classrooms.
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