Professional well-being: the point of view of physical education teachers


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Education and New Developments 2018
InScience Press
Lisbonne, Portugal
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This research project initiates an ideological and scientific shift to study and better understand the contextual, physical, psychosocial and pedagogical determinants that optimize teachers’ professional well-being. Contrary to the problem-oriented scientific tradition, our study seeks to discover how a teacher can create, maintain or return to a state of professional well-being. To this end, the project proposes a research objective described as identifying teachers' representations regarding the "optimal functioning" conducive to professional well-being. First, the research protocol targets teachers in physical education, insofar as they are now recognized as leaders and models in promoting healthy lifestyles in schools and communities (MEQ, 2001). This approach allowed us to draw an integrative portrait of these teachers’ professional well-being. The methodology will involve 17 focus groups consisting of 136 teachers. Based on the findings, we are able 1) to propose a model describing a four-zone trajectory for teachers’ professional well-being, 2) to identify the contextual, psychosociological, physical and pedagogical determinants that optimize professional teachers’ well-being, and 3) to propose methods and tools promoting knowledge transfer to practitioners and decision-making stakeholders. Through this unprecedented approach, we hope to enhance the value of the profession, foster the pursuit of professional careers and the motivation of teachers and thereby promote the educational success of students.
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