La conception d’un jeu sérieux exploitant la réalité augmentée afin de faciliter l’apprentissage de l’électromagnétisme au niveau collégial


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2015, août
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Intergenerational learning, life narratives and games : Proceedings of the Silver Gaming Intergenerational Summer School
Livres en ligne (LEL) du CRIRES
Québec, Canada
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This research approach is part of a learning effort to better understand how mobile serious games are exploited in a formal educational context. The research team examined this issue by focusing on augmented reality as a technological innovation. A Design Based Research methodology was applied in a real world context within a college level physics class. The multidisciplinary research team modeled, produced and tested a promising tool for the implementation of an innovative learning environment making electromagnetism concepts more tangible and attractive. The design process, the mobile augmented reality tool and the analyses of the observations recorded during various class experiments will be described in this study.
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