Adolescents' engagement in "reading to learn": Bridging from assessment to instruction


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2005, 1 novembre
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BC Educational Leadership Research
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By the time they reach the secondary level, it is routinely expected that adolescents will know how to access and learn from informational texts. However, contrary to this expectation, and consonant with research findings, teachers often report that adolescents are not proficient at “reading to learn” within important content domains (e.g., science, mathematics, social studies). In the work that we describe in this article, we tackle this critical discrepancy head-on. Building on an eight-year collaboration between the Richmond School District and researchers at the University of British Columbia, the goals in our current project are three-fold: (1) to understand influences on, and barriers to, secondary students’ successful engagement in reading to learn in various content domains; (2) to identify principles and practices for supporting adolescents’ learning through reading; and (3) to develop a model for providing professional development that assists content area teachers to promote more successful reading and learning by students.
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